You within Your Family

Why do they irritate me? How can I feel better about those around me? 

How can we pull together as a team again? How can we calm down strong emotions within our family?

How can we gain clarity and create again consideration and confidence within the relationships which make up our family?

How can we understand the different people around us better?

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Create a supportive and healthy environment around you

Traditional coaching skills alongside the TetraMap preference profile allow you to understand your preferences and those of the people around you - which are often different!

All members of the family learn how to put this knowledge into action within the team dynamic in everyday life. Feel supported and valued as you are now; and create a better future for your family.

Good relationships are vitally important for our Wellbeing.
Good relationships rely on good, clear and honest communication

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Work with me on Skype or visit me in Malvern, Hereford or Worcester. I can visit you at home and work with the family where appropriate. 

Coaching - listening, creating a good rapport with either just you or with you and members of your family, asking solution orientated positive questions which direct your focus and bring greater clarity. 
YOUR goals, core values and beliefs galvanise and sustain you.

Health and wellbeing assessmenta questionnaire enabling you to identify where you and your family can make simple improvements for which I can offer advice; using massage and the relaxing essential oils in your home plus further ideas for your wellbeing.

Communicate better with all family members. First trust yourself and express your needs and then trust the other members of your family and hear their needs and negotiate a better solution. Enliven the family dynamic and more understanding and loving relationships are created.
Step by step you understand and trust that you are worth looking after; first of all by yourself and then by the other family members. 

Develop a team spirit -in a fun, creative way. 
Encourage you and all family members to listen to your inner knowing -and trust your own insights

Build a better image of yourself, your work relationships and your family life together

TetraMap offers you tools and techniques to develop and enhance your communication skills

Use of the outdoors provides a powerful medium for learning
and compliments the Tetramap model




Practical and applicable strategies for improved relationships within the family and at work for true Wellbeing

TetraMap – The Nature of Behaviour 

Come and join in the fun and find out how TetraMap can help you

Is your preference Earth, Air, Fire or Water?

A model which is used for all ages and all situations to make a profound difference to family and personal performance. As you find out the preferences within your family unit you understand better where each family member is coming from and trust each other better.

Value the strengths held by each unique individual and trust that these strengths can support areas where you are not so strong.

Find solutions for sustainable growth and embrace diversity within  teams without individuals being put into boxes


Communicate with clarity, consideration and confidence using traditional Coaching skills and TetraMap behaviour preference profile

First we do it 1 to 1

We set the scene and identify the problem. How do your preferences affect you within the family? What are you choices and what are the consequences of each choice you may take? What are your faulty 'defaults of thinking' which get in the way?

How can you trust you and your family to work better together towards your collective goals?  Keep your positive picture and attitude for success and create positive outcomes


Mindfulnessuses breathing with a positive inner picture to maintain your clarity and clear picture for success. It's a good way to start.


 For help with;
Managing conflict at home

Teenage issues
Support through threatened marriage break up
Support through divorce
Increased confidence

Bullying and manipulation
Ways to relax

Simpler lifestyle
Healthy habits
Specific health conditions
Sleep issues
Finding a deeper meaning for family life

 Is their preference Earth, Air, Fire or Water?

How will it work within the family?
Gather the family together and set the scene and identify the family problem. Look at family choices and then possible consequences. Let's make positive decisions and define clear family goals with an action plan. Then keep your positive picture and attitude for family harmony and positive outcomes.

How well did you do? Now all celebrate your success.

The tools we use together

Powerful catalytic questioning
Observing your own body language and that within the family
Actively listening to yourself as well as other family members
Open rapport with yourself, family and the friends around you
Constructive relationships which trust honest feedback


Create positive relationships within your family using the TetraMap preference profile

Is your preference Earth, Air, Fire or Water?

Show us our strengths and where we are different and help us to communicate and trust each other better. Show us a better process to make plans and inspire us to see a clear vision of the way ahead. 
Help us understand what we really want to actually achieve.

Use of the outdoors provides a powerful medium for imparting learning and compliments the TetraMap model

Create positive, supportive and harmonious relationships with a shared set of values. Use at it’s best the diversity present in each valuable member of the team to feel able to respond effectively to the challenges ahead.

Let's create your step by step process to a clear destination and enjoy the journey together with special people and feel empowered
to create and trust your new vision ahead.


Maximise your potential by recognising your natural strengths

FREE 30 minute coaching call - 07974 400575 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Coaching your family

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