Coaching you through Divorce or Separation

For a woman;
How you can I look after the children and work at the same time while dealing with my divorce or separation?
I want to keep an OK relationship with him so child sharing arrangements go smoothly.
How can I keep strong and get what I'm entitled to during this process? 
How much will I have to live on? How can I maintain a feeling of Wellbeing?

For a man;
How can I work at the same time as dealing with my confusing feelings?
I need to know I will be able to see the children when I choose when we divorce.
How can I hold myself together? How can I maintain a feeling of Wellbeing?
How can I work with my wife to keep my solicitor's bill low as possible? 

Trust that you can find a new clarity with a positive mind set plus new coping strategies giving you the confidence to win through

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Work with me on Zoom/Sype or visit me in Malvern or Hereford. Home visits available where appropriate.

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Create a strong supportive network of people around you to help you

“It’s all so confusing and worrying and I need all the help I can get. Help me find the best support to get me through this tough time”

Coachinglistening, creating a good rapport, asking questions which direct your focus and give clarity. YOUR goals, values and beliefs galvanise and sustain you. Prepare for any mediation interview - with or without your spouse.

Aromatherapy massage - relax and enjoy a blend of 4 essential oils created specially for you to ease tension in your body and help you focus.

Mindfulnessuses breathing with a positive inner picture to maintain your clear mind set and keep as calm as possible when the emotions are raging.

Health and Wellbeing questionnaire - look at how health issues may be impacting on your emotions and life style 

Deal with all this emotional turmoil

Until this divorce or separation I realise that my emotional self was getting ignored and put onto the back burner - now this has brought it all out into the open and there is no turning back. A barrage of thoughts are stressing me out What is your anxiety gremlin which is running within you and messing with your mind?

Our emotions have to be heard otherwise we will either, explode with dramatic consequences...
OR, we can see this as an opportunity to take stock and realise that this is, in reality, a real OPPORTUNITY to become stronger and more assertive. To value who we are and identify what is REALLY IMPORTANT to us. 

What are your core values? Are they the same as your husband/wife/partner? Often they are not yet, strangely, it's your differences which attracted you to this person in the first place. Understand how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

It's difficult to share our feelings and confusion with our friends because, try as they might, they cannot be objective and you need a more neutral person by your side to support you as you make your own decisions rather than being told what you should do.

Someone who can help you care for yourself better and enable you to come out the other side more self aware and able to make clear decisions and find your own coping strategies and improved Wellbeing. 

Click here for your 15 tips helping you through divorce or separation.

There will be difficult conversations ahead when honesty is the key; along with a clear head accompanied by a true awareness of the real situation. You will hear your own truth and that of your husband/wife/partner. Trust you are able to understand what happening as you communicate better with all the family and trust your friends who support you. Let your inner bear roar and increase your self esteem. If you feel angry click here for some thoughts. 

Step by step you trust that you really are worth looking after, first of all by yourself, and then by others around you. You will gain an understanding of the issues which you both have. These issues have often originated from childhood (that's NOT saying that your parents were bad people) and, somehow, you set these issues off in each other and push each others' buttons. It's strange the way this happens.

It's  the emotional games we play with each other. 

TRUST that this is an opportunity to build a new life which suits you better. When we know the direction we are going in we can take our own rudder and steer and, meanwhile, we need someone to guide us through the rapids and the strong currents of our emotions.

You are in a non judgemental, comforting, confidential and professional space, safe and supportive going at your own pace in your own time.

As you listen to your inner knowing you begin to trust your own insights and build a better image of yourself and your own Wellbeing. Try this exercise to feel safer.

Would you value my support? For 30 years I have combined Coaching with relaxing Aromatherapy and Massage. I love helping people via Zoom/Skype with self help ideas sending them their own WellBeingBlend to use at home. I help my clients to value both their body and their emotional self and I would be happy to help you.

Do you have any health worries for yourself or your family? I can help you look at these too and give you advice.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call/text me 07974 400575 and I will send you an initial Emotional Wellbeing questionnaire which will help you begin to see ways in which you can help yourself now.

I would be happy to spend 30 minutes helping you to pinpoint your next steps towards becoming stronger and clearer about your relationship with no charge.


How do we do it 1 to 1?

First we set the scene and identify the problem. We explore your choices and possible consequences. You can trust your ability to make positive decisions and define clear goals with an action plan.

We explore your ‘faulty defaults of thinking’ which get in the way and trust you are able to reset these defaults. Let's look at your anxiety gremlin 

You are able to keep your positive mind set and attitude for success for a positive outcome. How well did you do? Now celebrate your success and increased sense of Wellbeing.

Let me help you with your first important practical steps
Gathering your evidence.  Some of the documents you will need to gather to support your claim may include:

  1. Correspondence: text messages, emails, letters, etc.
  2. Receipts: expenses, bills paid, activities for your children, credit card receipts, etc.
  3. Financial: credit card statements, bank statements, retirement accounts, investment accounts, tax returns, mortgages, deed of trust, vehicle titles, etc.
  4. Any Legal Documents: prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, trusts, wills, powers of attorney, etc.

It does not matter whether the documents are paper copies or digital copies, but do keep a separate copy for your own records. Of course, if you have the original documents, this is always best, though not always practical. Organize your file all in one place before turning the documents over to your solicitor.


The tools we use together

Powerful catalytic questioning
Observing your own body language
Actively listening to yourself and your wife/husband/partner
Open honest and trusting rapport with yourself, wife/husband/partner and your friends around you
Creation of new constructive relationships which trust honest feedback
We look at your health and lifestyle and decide how you may best help and support yourself.



I am a registered TetraMap facilitator 
TetraMap preference profile

Come and join in the fun and find out how TetraMap can help you.
Understand this person better - aiding you as you part and helping you to make the process as easy as possible.

Is your/their preference Earth, Air, Fire or Water?

TetraMap helps you to see your strengths as you grow through this process.

Awareness of these personality types helps you communicate better with this person you are parting from and maybe even trust each other even although you are parting.
At the same time you will be supported by an encouraging group of friends.
TetraMap offers you a new process to create a strong support group who help you trust your new plans for your new life - and know that a better way of being is on it's way; that's Wellbeing!

See a clear vision of what you want to achieve, create it step by step, and know and trust it's out there for you. 



Use of the outdoors provides a powerful medium for imparting learning and compliments the TetraMap model making a profound difference to you. You find and trust your solutions for sustainable growth within your family and your group of friends as you embrace their diversity and feel able to call on the right person in your life whatever your need at the time. 

Maximise your potential by recognising
your natural strengths


I help you with;

Managing conflict            Ways to relax with mindfulness
Difficult conversations     Shyness
Simpler lifestyle             Health issues
Sleep issues                  Finding a deeper meaning in life


Practical and applicable strategies for improved communication within all of your relationships aiming towards your personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around you.

Excite and enliven your way of looking at life with a positive attitude trusting you truly can be you in a fun and creative way

FREE 30 minute coaching call - 07974 400575 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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