Massage and dealing with Aches at home = Self Care

Techniques and ideas 

Helping yourself while stuck at home
Soothe your aching back and/or shoulders

Using the cold/hot technique to work into that deeper ache 

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Helping yourself to keep flexible and comfortable at home

Our body is a truly wonderful piece of kit which needs care and attention on a regular basis. It works so hard for you all the time and is trying to keep you healthy and strong.

When you feel an ache then it's not the body going wrong it's simply because you have been asking too much of it for a while now. It has already accommodated strain and you have been asking too much, or have been sitting too long, and it's now asking for your care and attention. It's one of my most important messages to my clients.

Sometimes it's just not possible to get out for a professional massage - or you may find it difficult to leave your home for some reason.

Aching back? First release tension in your buttocks and hips as they are the strong base from which your back gets it's power. If you've been sitting too long then this area is where you have been holding the strain.  Massage tips for hips

Having moved this area the whole of the back needs stretching. It's hard to massage our own back yet we can stretch it out; releasing your spine and the surrounding muscles. Stretches for the back

Sometimes back pain is due to weak abdominal muscles which need strengthening to support the back. See some easy to do abdominal muscle exercises

If you feel that your aches are deep seated then, having completed the massage, a great way to get deeper into the area is by using cold/hot. 

Cold/hot - Let me explain.
During 1 minute cold (use a gel pack out of the freezer which you can buy from a chemist) the body naturally responds by taking the fluids inwards in the area (it's the body's natural response to cold).

During 3 minutes hot (Wheatie or hot water bottle) these fluids are naturally drawn back up to the surface - and with them they are bringing up the toxins. These are causing the pain due the irritation where they have collected within the tissues. It's good to think that you are removing little irritating crystals which have formed there.

Do this 5 times to really flush out the toxins form the area.                        


Shoulders and arms

If your work is at the desk then your shoulders will be holding on as you reach out towards the computer. Your wrists, forearms and elbows will be doing a surprising number of movements. Try theses Shoulder Stretches

Don't forget the cold/hot above!

Are you wondering what may be happening in your shoulder?

Could it be due to repetitive actions?

Food supplements will help too. I highly recommend Zinzino.


Now you're ready to complete your Self Care

Let's complete the process by bringing it all together with a simple Self Massage routine.

Just imagine someone else is doing it for you to increase the relaxing effect!

You may be interested to read more about how your aches actually occur in your body. Click here

Maybe a more long-term chronic condition is worrying you. I am here to help and support you.




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