Suffering from a worrying painful chronic condition?

 Feel trapped by your CFS ME, autoimmune disorder, migraine or other chronic condition? 

Understand what is happening to your body; what the pain is about
Feel you are able to talk to your doctor and ask the right questions
Find out the best ways to help yourself using self massage and relaxation
Explore the best new technologies and innovative supplements


 Why is it so hard to even walk down the stairs?

- WHY is my body doing this to me? I feel so anxious.
- What have I done to deserve this?
- I get such over whelming emotions such as anger, frustration and confusion; I feel huge sadness and I feel alone. It all takes too much energy.
- This invisible disability is crushing me.
- I'd love to more clearly understand what is happening within my body.

My video 

This medical jargon leaves me feeling I do not understand what is happening to me. 



I'd love to create a new more positive inner picture  

This is how I want to feel and I do so want to be able to trust that my body is capable of becoming stronger and more comfortable. I want to help myself and feel more comfortable, more supported and safer again.

I’ve looked at many orthodox ways of solving and/or accepting my health challenge. 
Now I want to avoid or keep to a minimum medication which may have supported me in an acute situation however, long term, I wish to reduce my medication load before side effects start kicking in.
Here are some self care ideas 


Looking for answers?

Help me understand what is happening to my body

I'm always saying to my clients 'Our body is an amazing piece of kit. It's many systems are working hard all the time for us in many subtle ways which we find hard to get our head around. 

When it feels like our body has let us down it's got to the stage where your body is crying out 

The problems you are experiencing are likely to stem from a problem within more than one system;


I can help you develop a picture of what is probably going on - help you understand the problem - then help you find the best ways to help yourself.

Support yourself with high quality food supplements. I recommend Zinzino.

Massage and relaxation, working on tight and congested muscles, (we all ache somewhere!) is often a good starting point
followed by self help techniques PLUS the use of the best new NeuroTechnology and Innovative supplements available.

Explain to me how relaxation and positive affirmations can help me

Positive affirmations help to create a positive mind-set. Self-massage and the sense of gentle touch are hugely reassuring for your body and bring on a surprising sense of relaxation; even when the body is in pain.
The nerves which generate the sense of touch are able to switch off the nerves which generate pain in the brain. You are able to help yourself. You feel able to move forward
 in a different, more positive direction and you feel more in control of your symptoms. We are able to explore how Mindfulness will help you too. 

What is pain about exactly?




The Evocative Relaxing Nurturing sense of smell

"I am also interested in exploring how scents and fragrances evoke a response at a very deep and therefore powerful level"
The sense of smell, created within an Aromatherapy blend of essential oils, can really settle your anxiety about your condition. The polyvagal theory helps explain your anxiety process. Counteract this using the effect of the essential oils and self massage to produce oxytocin - the hug hormone.

Understanding the body is the key

I take the time with my clients to explain clearly why their body produces their symptoms using easy to understand diagrams and pictures, helping them to be more sympathetic and kind to their body. Together we will work out the best way for you to help yourself at home and identify constructive ways to approach your health decisions, and reduce the worrying and debilitating symptoms you are experiencing. 
Trust that you can improve your lifestyle

My degree in Physiology and Biochemistry, as well as experience working in hospital laboratories, has made me proficient in explaining long and confusing medical terms really clearly. I can help you deal with and minimise the confusion, fear and anxiety, and give you a sense of control over your illness to help you develop a positive mind set.

 Would you like to explore Wellbeing Coaching via Zoom/Skype combined with Self Massage in the comfort of your home with a tailored blend of Aromatherapy essential oils?
Would you like to know the best foods, supplements and innovative NeuroTechnology to give to your body?

Work with me to understand the best way to approach your condition and to feel you are in the driving seat again

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Coaching, Mindfulness, Massage ..... and even luxurious Aromatherapy blends especially for you.

  • Decide which combination works for you;
  • Coaching on it’s own - with Mindfulness where relevant
  • Coaching and Massage (Why not talk on Zoom/Skype and I'll send you Self Massage instructions to enjoy Massage at home)
  • Coaching and Aromatherapy (Your luxurious blend of essential oils selected according to your individual needs sent to your home to use in a diffuser or add to carrier oil for self-massage. Your special bit of luxury) or a combination of everything.
  • New coping strategies help you create a better relationship with your body, your inner thinking and your emotions. Create a new sense of direction and a positive mind-set; then find a new sense of respect and love for yourself and feel able to honour you and your body better.
  • Using Zoom/Skype and email we can work together, even if we are far apart. 
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