Fresh Relationship - Men and Women working together

Understanding ways to work with each other 

Understanding better what men are looking for in their special person
Understanding the woman in your life
Knowing what is right for you
Receiving from the heart is the key
Both when dating and when in an established relationship the same things make a man feel good

Imagine you are still out there dating - or are even dating - remember what keeps a relationship fresh.

He wants a woman who makes him want to step up and make her happy; to feel motivated to make you his.
She wants to feel special, safe and nurtured.

That's right we don't seem to fit! Yet it's exactly this seeming conflict which is the attraction between us - because we MAKE EACH OTHER WORK AND DRAW OUT THE BEST IN EACH OTHER!

No matter how much your heart longs for a certain man, you must take your focus off him and bring it back to YOU. If you’re dating let him know you are keeping your options open to other men (if your already in a partnership that's an absorbing activity, your family and friends etc); that you are being selective about the kind of man you want to give your heart and attention to he'll realise he has to step up in order to avoid another man, or interest, from getting to you first – that’s the hunt – the chase!!    


As I am always saying it boils down to putting yourself, your life, and what you want - first

It all boils down to being in our heart

While you can't convince a man to fall (keep) in love, you can lead him there by connecting with his heart. And the way to his heart is through YOUR heart.

You see, a man longs to be with a woman that creates the safety to feel and share his feelings with. This is because men don't open up to other men about feelings, the way we do with other women. Instead, he reserves those moments for the one woman he is closest to - that he trusts. 

You show a man his feelings are safe with you by fully feeling and embracing your own feelings - including the difficult feelings. Contrary to the idea that men are afraid of feelings, a man is actually FASCINATED and mesmerised by the way we feel our feelings.

Expressing our feelings devoid of drama 

And when it comes to pleasurable feelings, we need to be able to fully and sensually experience them. But if you've made him angry - then deal with this with consideration.

This combination is so powerful, that men will do anything to be with a woman who lives from her heart this way. However keep the drama down to a minimum and don't be tempted to talk it through with him too much - you do this with your girl friends who will appreciate it more! 

Feminine energy is about being instead of doing. When you focus on simply being in the moment and enjoying a man's company and attention, you automatically shift your vibe so that he can step into the masculine, doer role.

 To do that, YOU must first be open to receive...

First be open to receive

Inspiring a man to see you as the one woman he wants to be with forever is all about you being able to receive love. Men fall in love when they give to you, not because of how much you give them or do for them.

When you shower him with affection, attention, dinners, gifts, and always go out of your way to drive to his place, it makes him think of you as a mother or a friend instead of inspiring his emotional desire for you.

He needs to know that you value yourself

When you're open to receiving from a man, you're sending a message that you value yourself - you believe you're worthy of his time, attention, gestures, and ultimately his love. Even when he's digging like mad on your new drive (my recent project from my man) he does not need you to get in there and help him: but doing things to support him and show your appreciation go down well. Make sure he's fed with the things he likes - get to know his love language; my man's is 'acts of service'.

So resist the temptation to prove your worth by giving, and instead create the space for him to give to you.

Men are competitive creatures - if you're a man I'm sure you will agree!

Men value what they have to work hard to get. If a man gets a sense that you're completely devoted to him with very little investment on his part, he'll question your value.

This means you do not give away exclusivity to a man until you have the commitment you want from him. This is not only when you're dating but also in an established relationship. When we withdraw our attention and focus on something/one else we are making a man work for our attention. 




If you're dating keep dating and meeting lots of different men so that you give yourself a chance to find out what you really want and need from a relationship. At the same time, you aren't prematurely cutting yourself off from your Mr. Right and keeping your options open. Find out the best ways to look after you and pamper yourself, spend time with your inner wellbeing and look after your body. 

Sending the message loud and clear that you're a woman who puts herself first and that you are a prize motivates your man, whether dating or established, to rise to the challenge and do something which he knows that you like and so be your champion.

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