Sweet smelling essential oils added to your Massage carrier oil to help you through tough times

An individually tailored blend of 4 essential oils created for you = WellBeingBlend

Relaxation "time for me"; inner peace plus a good nights sleep

Enhance the effects of Massage and/or Coaching
Coaching over Skype? I send you your 'mindfulness Aromatherapy WellBeingBlend
Appreciate your body and enjoy the indulgence

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Your body will feel at peace as you lie back in the aromatic atmosphere under your... 

Wonderfully warm towels with relaxing music

Aromatherapy can be combined with;

1. The benefits of Massage with the therapeutic effects of a blend of sweet essential oils ~ chosen individually for you ~ and added to the carrier oil take home your WellBeingblend of essential oils in a bottle to use at home as instructed.

2. The benefits of Coaching via Skype; I send you your tailored WellBeingBlend of 4 essential oils created especially for you.

3. The benefits of Mindfulness via Skype; I send you your tailored blend of 4 essential oils created especially for you = your WellBeingBlend

The wonderful essential oils I use are concentrated, volatile plant extracts from carefully chosen plants ~ they are produced in tiny droplets between the cells of the plant and contain hormones, vitamins, antibiotics and antiseptics. 

During and after an Aromatherapy session these essential oils are absorbed easily through the skin. They work at all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Their subtle qualities can penetrate areas of our consciousness and sub conscious which may be restricted and stuck.

These essential oils have specific therapeutic properties.

The oils' aromas have a subtle effect on the way you feel; they fine tune your body and your mind 
and leave you with a 
terrific sense of well being about life, ourselves and the environment we live in. 
The combination of the gentle fragrance of essential oils, which calm the limbic system, and the sense of touch increase production of soothing oxytocin Find out more about the neuroscience of Aromatherapy 

The rooms I use are comfortable, warm and welcoming and you will find yourself in a space which is non-judgemental, confidential and professional and the sense of touch to soothe and relax the body creating a sense of balance.

Take home with you advice on stretches to maintain flexibility and massage tips for hips and information about how to recover from muscle spasm and muscle and tendon injury

Suggestions are available on;

Help with painful hips
Better posture
Breathing and Mindfulness
Relaxation techniques
Food supplements Zinzino

Try these relaxing guided meditations;

Sacred Sanctuary Meditation

Cleansing Meditation

"Can be one of the best ways of learning how to relax."

Aromatherapy with clothes on? 

Try a deluxe 45 minute Aromatherapy facial including neck and shoulder Massage

Self massage pdf

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