Escape to Wellness in Sri Lanka

Luxury tour and retreat

14th to 24th February 2019

Sanctuary is Sustaining giving you Resilience, Clarity, Support and Inspiration

Travel with Fran Doidge, Gabi Gogan and ARC Adventure.
Leave behind confusion, anxiety and exhaustion and bring back the NEW YOU ready to start a fresh new way of living.
Enjoy the wonders of Sri Lanka and allow yourself to recharge refocus and gain a new perspective on life.

Explore your own spirituality and and find the real 'healthy authentic you' as you travel through this beautiful country and make real changes in your life.

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Escape to Wellness and unwind 

to enchanting, mesmerising SRI LANKA and find out about your hidden inner resources, bring them up to the surface then use them to make new plans. 

Release your inner 'anxiety gremlin' or 'too responsible gremlin' in an exotic, safe and nurturing space. Become the authentic NEW YOU. Become more daring, more courageous and rediscover yourself. Use our Transformation tactics within your work environment.

Free your mind and commit to YOU – you are the most important person in your world. We invite you to join us on this amazing adventure and recreate that sparkle in your world around you; embrace the 'spiritual you'.

This trip can help you with/overcome:
Managing conflict in your life - at home or at work
Feeling tired and drained; find a simpler lifestyle
Cope better with worrying symptoms
Divorce and separation
Manipulation and the 'gas-lighting effect'
Loneliness, sadness and shyness
Self-esteem, confidence and loving yourself better
Sleep issues due to anxiety
Inner issues due to chronic illness
Spiritual Quest; finding a deeper meaning in life
Self doubt and criticism

TRUST you are creating a better life
It's time for your transformation

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Otherwise £2,500 plus flights- more details below.
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Gabi Gogan and Fran Doidge have joined forces to offer you our combined experience and life coaching skills to empower YOU.

Enjoy magical wonders, peace and spirituality within the temples of Sri Lanka and allow yourself to recharge and manifest the life you choose and a healthy strong body.

Join a small group as we work together using guided sessions, catalytic coaching questions, mindfulness, the TetraMap preference profile and guided meditations to help you understand yourself and other people better and so overcome anger, frustration, anxiety, fear, shame or simply deep hurt. Deeply soothe your soul and caress your inner being.

Map and Itinerary

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Work with the group or work through your issues on your own, whatever is right for you - or mix and match.

The Adventure guided by ARC adventures
We are so lucky to be working with Kriss and Dan who have created for us this amazing trip of a life-time and they will be guiding us all the way. We are truly blessed.

Arrive and relax on the beach. Enjoy the warm sun and slowly aclimatise to the slower Sri Lankan way of life at Negombo  Goldi Sands Hotel 

Enjoy tranquility in the Sanctuary of the temples at Dambulla and Anuraphura and immerse yourself in a new culture staying at Amaya Lake Hotel

Leave your comfort zone climbing the fortress rock of Sigyriya 

Create refreshing new strategies for transformation and a positive mind-set as you relax immersed in the green tea plantations at Ella 98 Acres Hotel.

Wildlife excursions unleash you and take you out of yourself and into a new world full of majesty and freedom.

Integrate all you have learnt during a 2 day retreat at Galle in the Amari Hotel 

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By the end of your escape you will feel you have got to the other side of a knotty, overwhelming problem which you have found impossible to shift: and created a new world free of over-powering emotions. You will feel stronger and know how to CARE FOR YOU better using our knowledge gained over many years. 

Become really clear about what is right for you and not the other person and feel you are able to express your needs safely to another person. Create a good relationship with your body too. Fran helps you understand your body better using her knowledge base from her degree in Physiology and Biochemistry.

We will use investigative questions, group work, the TetraMap preference profile, private reflection and work books to give you the tools to find out what IS right for you enabling you to create an absolutely clear purpose and ideal outcome; and the confidence that you CAN manifest this in your life. 
Find the limiting beliefs which hold you back and 
re-frame a positive mind-set with a clear intent.

Together Gabi and I are able to create that safe haven where you can lay down your load and only pick up again that which serves you. We encourage you to open to and bring forth your deep spiritual essence and share this experience with the supportive group around you.


* Please note: Although we do not anticipate any cost changes please be aware that all prices may change up until confirmation of your booking due to flight and exchange rate fluctuations(or to a similar degree just to cover the possibility of increased cost which should not happen).

More about your trip

Arrive at Negombo home for the many divers who enjoy the warm waters and biodiversity of the tropical waters. Take time to arrive and enjoy the sun, beach and peace. Begin to unwind and get a sense of what your ‘inner adventure’ may be made of.

Sigiriya Rock – climb out of your comfort zone
Climb up the spectular rock fortress of Sigiriya as it stands 200m above the surrounding countryside.

Dambulla rock temples are 5 remarkable grotto caves crammed with statues and decorated with murals offering a snap shot of Sinhalese Buddhist art at it’s magical best.
Anuraphura temple and sacred ancient capital for 1,000 years has a deep sense of the history of Sri Lanka.

Wildlife adventure in a jeep and baby elephants, restful tea plantations, with Eco chalets, 2 Aromatherapy Massages, trekking and we finish on the beach for deep reflection ... and much much more - see below.

Our trekking tour at Mini Adams Peak brings your body/mind interface into perspective and you find out how to honour your body while you soothe your mind. 

Away from it all you experience each part of your adventure step by step and you trust that you really are worth looking after, first of all by yourself and then by others around you.

Whale watching at Mirissa helps you explore ways that you can be happy again = your vision of a better life which is TRULY RIGHT for you.

At Galle in sumptious Amari Hotel you have the time now to listen to your inner intuitive knowing and begin to trust your own insights and build your coping strategies, a positive mind-set and a better image of yourself

free of charge 
using a tailored blend of essential oils. Unlock tensions in your body: this body/mind interface will amaze you. Your blend of oils creates an ‘anchor’ which will travel with you as a part of your healing process.

Our values under-pin all we do and are our beacon which we are called back to time and again showing us where we are not being honoured and cherished

You are in a non-judgemental, confidential and professional space, safe comfortable and supportive going at your own pace in your own time

Can you find the courage to face up to what you know you need to do?

Try out an exercise which will get you started.

Release your Anxiety gremlin



Some more information
– ancient capital for 1,000 years enormous brick stupas, ancient pools and crumbling temples.

Some of the ancient temples and holy places are still in use today for ceremonies giving a sense that the culture still lives. Sit beside the sacred Bodhi tree – tree of enlightenment said to be the oldest historically authenticated tree in the world tended for over 2000 years. We are all sacred beings.

Today thousands of devotees come to make offerings, particularly on poya (full moon).

Mihintale where Buddhism was first introduced in 247BC with the remains of an ancient hospital as well as monastic buildings. 

The deep green of the tea plantations at ELLA and the nature of the stunning scenic hill country around you while you rest gives you the time and space to allow you to uncover what these experiences have shown you about yourself.

The chalets made of recyclable materials make you feel a part of nature itself.Trust you are able to create the life and body you choose. Trust and understand the people around you better.

Communicate your thoughts and needs better to your work colleagues and to your family  and begin to trust that your man/woman, all your family and your friends and your body somehow support you much better.

As you learn to trust yourself and your body at home you find everyone around you treats you better.

What exactly do you want to achieve?

What do you want to leave behind and release?

Feel your heart opening as you spend time with the baby elephants at Pinnwela.

Our wild life excursion in Minneriya Park spotting leopards, giant squirrels, lizards and sloths and trekking in Adams Peak allows you to experience the denuded savannahs of the dry zone and flourishing montane forests ideal wintering spot for a wide variety of birds.

Being in touch with these wonderful animals helps you let go more and realise that the intensity is less and that you can breathe a sigh of relief every now and again. Your body feels more comfortable. You can see the chinks where life is beginning to feel more comfortable and begins to look more rosey.

Imagine the delight when you see Whales and dolphins emerging from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. 

Our 3 full days of retreat at Galle by the sea now gives you the time to finally release those inner gremlins and what emerges is far more than you thought possible when you booked this Wellness experience. You will receive a second Aromatherapy massage with a tailored blend of essential oils. 

We will be there with you to work through any dark places where you may find yourself. What’s great is that you are away from the world which is not serving you and this happy environment sinks deep within you so, when you go back, you will really KNOW when something is wrong and just not wish to go back there because you KNOW it’s not right for you and you will do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t go back there again – BECAUSE YOU MATTER!

You are able to be assertive yet loving at the same time. Happy to be in your own skin and ready to make new relationships; either with the people you have in your life now or with the fresh new people who will somehow now be attracted to you when you get home.  

A happy, courageous, assertive yet loving you.

“Perhaps I really can come out the other side of this.”

“At last! I know I’m strong enough to keep to my purpose and my values. I can choose what I have in my life. I am able to gladly accept those things which I cannot change because they do not bother me as much as they did.

I feel in control of my decisions, my destination and my life and choose what is right for me. I have loving and caring people around me and I am valued for who I am and for what I have to offer my family, work and community.”

There is a journey which you are under-taking and we can be with you every step of the way. We're always on your side and seeing things from your perspective. That’s not saying that we're going to say you are right and they are wrong all the time but rather that it’s only you that you can change and you cannot change another person.

 Become more focused and clear about your vision and aims.

Remember again the excitement and energy you felt when your relationship, your family your business and your body were younger and bring it back to life again.
For a happy healthy and fun environment around you

Coaching - listening, creating a good rapport and asking solution orientated positive questions which direct your focus and give clarity

Aromatherapy Massage - enjoy a blend of 4 essential oils created specially for you adding another dimension to your relaxing or energising massage experience; or use at home in a diffuser.

Mindfulness - uses breathing with a positive inner picture to maintain your clarity

Health and Wellbeing questionnaire - look at how health issues may be impacting on your emotions and lifestyle click here for your questionnaire

We work together to;

Set the scene and identify the problem
- What are your choices and their consequences?
- Make clear decisions and define clear goals with an action plan to carry you forward.
- What are your faulty 'defaults of thinking' which get in the way? You can reset your defaults for a positive mind set
- Keep your positive picture and attitude for success and positive outcomes.

Click here for an example of how Fran approaches a particular vulnerability of Abandonment

Following on from your trip

There are often blips and bumps when things seem to be going back to the ‘old way’ we're both here to help you rejig things again and get back on track. There is a new understanding of what is happening in your mind, your thoughts and the gremlins which lie behind them, and in your body too. We have brought those gremlins out into the light and zapped them once and for all! They do not serve us any more.  

Take this wonderful trip home with you because you have new ways to relax at home and at work - even if it's only 5 minutes if that is only the time you have - and you now have your plan to follow and people who you have shared this adventure with and understand you to support you when you need a helping hand and a safe ear. 

For Family Coaching - click here
For Coaching through Divorce- click here

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